Cable Rating Calculation

This sheet calculates the maximum power a cable will support given environmental factors over and above the factory specifications.

This page is in progress and can be used as an example of cable derating factors only.

Frequency: MHz
Cable Type:
Site Altitude above sea level (ASL): metres
Maximum Ambient Temperature (MAT): degrees Celsius
Maximum VSWR (MVSWR): :1
Typically the maximum quoted VSWR by the antenna manufacturer
Maximum Solar Irradiance (MSI): W per sq. m
This information is available from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology
Cable Length: metres
Cable Full Rated Power: (0m ASL, 40C ambient, 1:1 VSWR, No Sun) watts
Site Alt: %
Site Temp: %
Site VSWR: %
Site Solar: %
Total De-rating Factor: %
Maximum System Power: watts
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